An Applause For CJPAC’s Action Party!

Celebrating 10 Years of Political Engagement!

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On Thursday, April 14th at 7:00 pm, CJPAC’s annual Action Party was held at Andrew Richard Designs on 571 Adelaide Street East in Toronto. This year’s Action Party celebrated a 10-year milestone for CJPAC, fostering relationships between Canadians and political parties in Canada. Canadians from various political backgrounds are encouraged to engage themselves with CJPAC’s informative programs to become more politically engaged. #TOAction2016 brought together more than 1,300 hungry guests, as they exchanged opinions on Canada’s political landscape, while indulging in our premier kosher cuisine.

A Leader in Toronto Kosher Catering

We gave you a sneak peak of our menu earlier last week, but the real surprises came throughout the evening. Applause continues to pave the way as a leader in Toronto kosher catering, from our authentic kosher cuisine.

Our kitchen team, led by world-renowned Chef, Roshan Wanasingha, delivered exceptional food with stunning creativity for CJPAC’s political socialites throughout the evening.

A Special Presentation For The VIP’s

The evening began with the VIP’s, who were treated to our “Chicken and Waffle Station” – with “Fried Chicken Breast on a Wild Rice Waffle and Brushed with Maple Syrup.” Shining bright was “The Bibim Bap Station”, a stunning display of colour that combined: “Medium Rare Ribeye, a Sunny Side Up Egg, Julienne Rainbow Vegetables, Steamed Rice and Gochujang” – all in one elegant rice bowl.

Fried Chicken Breast

“Fried Chicken Breast on a Wild Rice Waffle, Brushed with Spicy Maple Syrup”

French Twist Bibim Bap Station

“French Twist Bibim Bap Station – Medium Rare Ribeye, Sunny Side Up Egg, Julienne Rainbow Vegetable, Steamed Rice and Gochujang” 

Andrew Richard Designs

Once 8:30 pm hit, Andrew Richard Designs was booming!

Hors D’Oeuvres

“Pulled Beef Beignet” 

Pulled Beef Beignet

Truffle Brown Beech Mushroom on Red Wine Caviar

“Mini California Sandwich” 

Mini California Sandwich - Juicy Chicken Cutlet, Arrabiata, Red Onion Cranberry Confit on a Micro Kaiser

Juicy Chicken Cutlet, Arrabbiata, Red Onion Cranberry Confit on a Micro Kaiser

“Faux Grilled Cheese” 

Toronto Kosher Catering - Faux Grilled Cheese

Caramelized Onion inside a Challah Loaf

  And For Dessert…

“Assorted Choux Pastries”

Assorted Choux Pastries - Filled with Salted Caramel, Espresso, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry and Chocolate
“Salted Caramel”
“Lemon Meringue”

View our full album from CJPAC’s 10th annual action Party here

Applause is proud to be the official caterer of CJPAC’s Action Party. Our experience with serving premier kosher catering in Toronto for various events across the city brings forth a fresh and seasoned approach to any kosher event.

We invite you to visit us at, or call us at 416.628.9198 for a free quote on your next kosher catering event.