Festive Hanukkah Latke Dishes

As a premier kosher caterer, we thrive on preparing innovative Hanukkah catering that delights the senses, thrills the palate and satisfies the soul.

Rather than the traditional Latkes (which are always a winner), we wanted to explore a few other flavourful Latke dishes for your Hanukkah catering party.

1.   The Adventurous –  “Spicy Carrot & Spinach Latkes” 


Image Source: www.nytimes.com (Andrew Scrivani)

These “Spicy Carrot & Spinach Latkes” are a real treat for your adventurous taste buds. They may not be as crunchy as traditional Latkes, but the elegant flavour is bound to impress all of your guests.

2.   The Fish Fanatic – “Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon Latke” 


Image Source: www.bethdunham.ca

These “Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon Latkes” are a sight to behold. This recipe can serve up to 12 guests by cutting each Latke in half.

 3.   For The Health Nut“Olive Oil Latkes”


Image Source: www.jpost.com

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