Shabbat Schmoozing – Lag B’Omer

One of the great parts of being a Kosher Caterer here in Toronto, is that the Jewish faith has so many food-centric holidays! Of course we all know of apples and honey for Rosh Hashana, Latkes for Chanukkah, and Matzah Balls for Passover. However it is the lesser known holidays that allow caterers and diners alike to really flex their creative culinary muscles.

On May 7 we will be celebrating Lag B’omer in the Applause office. Lag B’omer, or the 33rd day in the Counting of the Omer is a great time for Jewish celebration. For many, this is the one day during the Omer when couples may celebrate weddings; in fact this date often marks the first opportunity for a Jewish wedding in spring!

While there are many traditions honoured on Lag B’omer, one of our favourites is lighting bonfires. Why would a caterer love bonfires over weddings, you ask? Because some of the best foods are created over an open flame! The most delicious bonfire food that comes to mind: S’mores.

For anyone looking to bring some more S’mores into their life, whether it is for Lag B’omer, a family BBQ, or even a Bar Mitzvah, Applause has some great options. For example, have a look at our S’mores Shooters and S’mores Push Pops; layers of gooey Marshmallow Cream, Graham Cracker Crumbs, Dark Chocolate Ganache, & a Raspberry Brandy Emulsion (for the adult party-goers).

Our Chefs have also gotten creative with S’mores Hot Cocoa for those chillier nights out at the bonfire, and S’mores Samosas filled with Chocolate and drizzled with a Marshmallow Cream.