We’re Catering #TOACTION2016!

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Premier Toronto Kosher Caterer To Cater CJPAC’s 10th Annual Action Party!

Applause is proud to announce our participation as the official caterer of CJPAC’s 10th annual Action Party at Andrew Richard Designs. Last year, Applause served over 1,400 taste buds at The Sound Academy, with Jewish and Pro-Israel Canadian political activists in attendance.

Live music filled the air, interactive photo booths created extraordinary memories and our delectable food offered a one-of-a-kind kosher catering experience. We served plenty of memorable dishes, which included our classic: “Ahi Tuna Tacos”, our refreshing: “Marinated Eggplant”, and our hearty: “Homemade Tater Waffles with a Slow Cooked Beef Brisket.”

Check out our behind the scenes footage from last year’s Action Party here: http://ow.ly/O2jHd 

Chef Roshan Wanasingha will be taking your pallet on another culinary adventure, as we celebrate 10 years of CJPAC fostering political engagement across Canada.

Our 2016 Menu Includes:

“Duck Confit Beignets”, “Mini Open Thai Rice Paper Paquettes” and “Mini California Sandwiches.”

California Sandwich and Pulled Beef Beignet

Our “California Sandwich” and “Pulled Beef Beignet” are just two of the many innovative menu items Chef Roshan Wanasingha and his team will be featuring at Andrew Richard Designs

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Heading to #TOACTION2016? You’re in for a treat. See our full menu in ACTION on Thursday, April 14th

CJPAC’s mission is to engage Jewish and Pro Israel Canadians in the democratic process, fostering active political participation. Throughout the 2015 Federal Election, CJPAC connected Jewish Canadians across the country, with 155 campaigns that involved them in the political campaign process. Applause is proud to be apart of CJPAC’s mission to increase awareness for the important political landscape that changes every year, with new policies from party leaders across the country.

Applause Kosher Catering is committed to delivering impeccable service for CJPAC’s Action Party, from our reputation as a premier Toronto Kosher Caterer. Applause caters various kosher events across Toronto and the GTA throughout the year, which include weddings, religious events, corporate functions and small/large social gatherings.

#TOACTION2016 is sure to be a hit! We welcome you to join us in what will be an evening filled with inspiring conversation and delicious kosher catering by yours truly.